Types of Massage Therapy

Sports and relaxing Massage
is for the serious athlete. It focuses on the muscles used for a particular activity. It enhances endurance and performance, lessens chances for injury and reduces recovery time.
perfect function of the lymphatic (lymph) system is essential to the health of every person. Lymphatic drainage - affecting the lymphatic system is a special kind of subtle technique that helps stimulate the lymph system and thus promotes lymph flow. Lymphatic drainage will relieve your lymphatic system and also helps to regenerate the body.
it is an ancient proven healing detoxification method. Honey massage using unique effects of honey (especially detoxification and reflexology) and compression massage touches. This leads to the removal of old sediments and toxins from deep within the body tissues. Honey is always been classified among the natural wonders. Delicacies as well as a supportive treatment natural remedy.
hot-chocolate massage is an excellent procedure to smooth and beautify skin, cellulite, improve your mood, washing away toxic substances and relax stiff muscles. The uniqueness of chocolate was already known more than two thousand years ago. Already in ancient time people knew that supplies the body feel good mood and significantly rejuvenates the skin. Now we know why. Chocolate contains many useful elements for the human organism.
this special head massage relieves tension and stress that we are constantly exposed. It will lead you to the ultimate in relaxation and release. It acts as a true remedy for pain and tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders.
gentle energy massage puts emphasis on correcting the spine and relax the muscles of the back and neck is suitable for problems with a stiff spine and dorsal muscles
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a therapy that its relaxing and therapeutic effects is one of the most popular ways to relax. Hawaiian massage is based on a very fine and smooth techniques derived from the Hawaiian Islands.
Hot Stones-like massage with hot stones can induce a wonderful sense of relief. Therefore, Hot Stones massage is so appealing worldwide. As you can imagine the warmth of genuine lava stones that affect the energy pathways in the body by its vibration and heat, having beneficial effect on the mind and also helps to relax stiff muscles perfectly.
Thai foot massage is a wonderful procedure. It consists in a massage of feet soles by palms, fingers, and wooden peg, compressing reflex points and including a massage of the shinbones.
massage techniques to help the pregnant women to relieve pain, induce a sense of relief and well-being. Certain parts of the body are affected and stressed during the pregnancy. This is the task of the masseur to help to relieve the pain.