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I am engaged to massage for a long time already, first it was just a hobby, but over time I began to devote this field professionally, and now it's my job and hobby together.

The purpose of my work is to help people relieve pain, help them to completely relax and forget the worries of daily life. To get relaxed in today's hectic times is very important.

Outside basic massage courses I attended also many courses and seminars of alternative techniques in order to meet the expectations of my clients with best possible service. I also attended courses in Thailand, where I met another new and equally interesting techniques and improve my skills in field of oriental massage practice. As is generally known, "other countries - different style," and I can say that I gave it a lot and I like it.

Massage is one of the oldest healing methods; nothing is more natural than using touch to relieve aches and pains. I will help you eliminate accumulated stress and replenish your energy into other successful days.